Computers play an integral arm in the home now. Whether used for educating younger members of the family, playing a part in the day to day social activities of the modern family or indeed perhaps for keeping in touch with family and friends further a field, there is no doubt computers today have a place at home. is here to help make your home IT setup reliable, efficient and fun – without the fears of hardware failure, data loss, security issues or exposure to perhaps non-approriate internet services.

Some of the things can help with in the family home include, in particular:

Small Tick Procurement of suitable hardware – Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Netbooks and Smartphones.

Small Tick Supply of Software such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Educational Software and Games.

Small Tick Assistance to stay safe. Virus and Malware protection, Best Practices, Internet Restrictions For Children.

Small Tick Setup of Secure Wireless Networks. Safe and Secure Remote Access to files from outside the family home.

Small Tick Backup best practices and procedures.

Small Tick Setup of home servers or computers to store centrally family photos, videos and music.

Small Tick Setup of shared Printing / Scanning for members of the family.

Small Tick Setup of Video Conferencing systems such as Skype and Facetime.

Small Tick Maintenance Of Home IT Equipment, Healthchecks, Repairs and Upgrades.

Small Tick Procurement of cost efficient internet.

Small Tick Personalised family e-mail addresses not reliant on internet service providers.


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