Support Overview

Problems with your IT? You have come to the right place! Whether it is just one machine in your living room, your child’s laptop, a complete home network, problematic applications, or indeed your IT Systems within your business then can help solve your problems! With very competitive rates, friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable service, three methods of support, free estimates and a No Fix No Fee Policy, there is an option for everyone.

Three Methods Of Supporting You:

1. On site

For quick response and immediate attention, on-site call out is the best option, although the most expensive. An hourly charge is in operation for on-site work, however regular customers can buy blocks of time to allow on-site at a cost effective rate. On site is generally recommended only for emergencies, or instances where you wish the work to be carried out immediately.

2. Workshop

Any hardware will be collected, taken away, fixed and returned. Receipt will be left while hardware is being worked on. Workshop Repair tasks are the most cost effective way to get things repairs – generally fixed job price + cost of parts + mileage.

3. Remote Assistance

If you have any machines which need attention, they boot up and you have a working internet connection, then Remote Assistance might be for you. Working remotely, connects to your system and takes control of your mouse and keyboard as if the engineer was sitting in front of it. At all times, you have full control and can watch. Nothing is installed on your machine. You are fully informed of any file transfers to and from the machine, and you can cancel the support session at any time should you wish. This service is charged in 15 minute intervals but works out less than an on-site visit.

Note: For new customers, Remote Assistance is payable upfront for an initial 1 hour session via Remote Support. Any unused 15-minute slots are credited to your account for future use. Full instructions will be provided when this service is taken. Subsequent repeat sessions will be billed after the work is complete. Blocks of time can of course be purchased at a cheaper rate than on-demand.

What To Do Next…..

If it is an emergency Рand requires immediate urgent assistance, please call 07400 513999.

In all other instances, please fill out the form below for a response as soon as possible.


If you require more information, or would like a free quotation, please contact with details of your requirements by filling in the form below: