Data is a precious resource. Data can be defined as the files you create containing information which cannot be re-installed from a installation package. All types of data can be considered important whether it be budget spreadsheets, essays, presentations, reports, mp3 collections, digital photographs or video footage.

Everyone has their own values of their data and no two systems will be the same.

But what if you accidentally deleted your data? An individual file? An entire folder? Or even accidentally formatted a drive containing your data? ?? And you didn’t have a current backup. What if your hard drive was starting to fail (EDIT: Rule of thumb is, it is not if a Hard Drive Fails, but when a Hard Drive Fails)

Quite often, it is possible to retrieve your data AFTER you have deleted it. OR the drive has been formatted. OR the drive is starting to fail. can take an advise where necessary. If you delete data or experience read / write errors, the best course of action is to turn off the machine immediately and do not switch it on until it has been looked at.

Data Recovery is modelled on a no fix no fee policy. And costs will be dependent on the amount of data being recovered the level of work required and the success rate. As mentioned above, Data can also sometimes be recovered from defective drives – even if your system will not boot. However if mechanical damage is existent, you may need to use the services of a specialist data recovery company – which can advise on.

As today’s hard drives / storage devices get bigger, the time taken to restore data increases in line with drive capacity, so this is one of the few services which will rarely be undertaken on-site.

It is always recommended to have a backup strategy in place and not to rely on data recovery.


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