What was one a fast efficient system, will more than likely slow down after years of usage, perhaps after even months of heavy usage.

A quick way to achieve this is to perform a System Re-Install. However, sometimes your system may just require a clean up exercise to bring back the efficiency in your system.

colin-anderson.it can perform a health check on your system to identify weak points and areas for improvement as well as carry out the necessary clean up of the system. Some of the tasks carried out include:

Small Tick Un-installing software and drivers no longer used

Small Tick Cleaning up temporary file depositories and software caches

Small Tick Ensuring the operating system patches and service packs, device drivers and applications are up to date

Small Tick Resolving any day to day errors and scan through error logs to look for possible problems

Small Tick Ensure data files are stored efficiently

Small Tick De-fragment hard discs (not SSD Drives)

Small Tick Report to document known issues / areas for improvement.

Small Tick Often this exercise may be carried out in tandem with Malware And Virus Removal

Before the process of speeding up a slow machine commences, it will always be measured against a complete system re-install, in both regards to time and cost to ensure you get the best possible outcome at the most cost effective price.


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