Your computer system, whether it be a smartphone, netbook, tablet, laptop or desktop PC runs an ‘Operating System’. The Operating System interfaces the Software Applications (Programs) with your hardware and sandwiched in between are device drivers which allows the operating system to communicate with the unique combination of hardware on your device and ‘drive’ it properly. The operating system has a multitude of configuration for all aspects of the operating system itself, including network settings, display settings, device settings then each application has its own configuration on top of that.

Years of installing software, un-installing software, adding new devices, not removing old drivers, changing configurations, downloading software, adding music, photos and every other data file you can think of will take its toll on your system performance.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have your system reverted back to the day it came out the box when it was new? A clean efficient uncluttered system running to optimal speed? With a System Re-Install, this is entirely possible. Whether your system runs Windows 3.1 or Windows 7 or even Mac OS or Linux, your system can be re-installed from scratch

Most systems come with a recovery disc or Restore partition which can be utilised to quickly bring your machine back to the way it was when new. Then all you have to do is patch the operating system and drivers so they are current, and configure the system so it is optimal for your needs. can help you with this. Even if you do not have the recovery DVD or restore partition, the system can be rebuilt from scratch, although this process takes longer as each individual component unique to your machine requires to be identified and necessary device drivers obtained.

Whether the system is in the office, or at your home, a system re-install is often a quick way to recover from on-going errors, slowness and problems with your current system.

These methods erase all the data on the hard drive so it is important you have a backup of all your data beforehand otherwise you will lose your data. Again can assist with backing up your data prior to a system re-install and restoring the data afterwards.

If your system currently has a failed hard drive or is being fitted with a new hard drive, then a system re-install will be part of the process.

Please Note that you must have valid software licences for to restore the operating system and any associated applications. Under NO circumstances will install illegal and unlicensed operating systems and applications. can however help you purchase any missing licences if required.


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