There are two main architectural platforms when you consider laptops, desktop PCs or servers. Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS. Although a third exists (Linux), this is mainly for enthusiast and specialist businesses. A fourth, Unix, is more constrained to enterprise business systems.

Although Windows and Mac OS both perform the same function – that is to allow your software to interact with the hardware within a Graphical Environment, there are differences between the two, both in the underlying technology and the methods used to perform tasks.

What if you have been a PC user for a long time, and have amassed a large collection of software and data? If you decide to buy a Mac, you need to migrate this data across and possibly look a equivalent software that will run on the Mac OS. One of the good benefits about Apple Mac’s today is that they can also run Windows, so it is possible to bring across your legacy software. can help in all aspects of PC to Mac Migration, including selecting the best Mac for your needs, migrating your data across to Mac, using the Mac OS and identifying equivalent Mac software to replace Windows software you may use. can also assist, advise and setup running Windows on a Mac if you discover software that you currently use is not compatible on Mac.


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