Traditionally a network consisted of several computer systems or devices connected together using network cabling. While fast and secure, this method of networking is restricted and only suitable mainly for permanently positioned desktop pcs or laptops.

With the boost recently in smart phones, netbooks, tablets and laptops, it is appealing to be able to pick up your device and use it anywhere. Wireless networks provide this solution and allow you to use your device anyway there is a wireless network signal to connect to the Internet or other computer systems.

While you can purchase wireless access points from a large selection of on-line retailers or high street stores you must take steps to ensure the network is secure and protected so that un-authorised persons cannot use it.

Small Tick Is optimised and configured properly. Many wireless networks in an area can decrease speed.

Small Tick Is setup properly to ensure all your wireless devices can access it.

There are many options and possibilities, which can be enabled to protect and optimize your wireless network. can help you decide in plain English what your needs are and can even supply the appropriate wireless access point required for your needs. Once configured, a configuration sheet will be supplied so you have all the information you required in crystal clear non jargon language to facilitate your wireless requirements for years to come.

Wireless networks have a limited range, so if you would like to extend your wireless, please speak to for various solutions tailored to your exact needs.


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